Reporting Requirements

When you are completing your grant reporting, it is important to note that there are TWO systems for reporting.  Below you will find descriptions for which system you need to be reporting for your specific grant.

Grants Management System (GMS)
Overall Grants Management
Financial Reporting
Activity Reporting (outside of reporting in the ACJC Reporting System)

ACJC Reporting System
The ACJC Reporting System is the latest offering to streamline reporting to the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission.  The application currently provides grantees with the opportunity to report certain grant activities as required for the Bryne/JAG and Victim Assistance program.  The tool will also be expanding into other reporting opportunities, such as the manditory Arizona Deaths in Custody effort.  If you require access to the ACJC Reporting System for the above-mentioned reporting requirements, please contact our offices at 602-364-1146.

Byrne/JAG Quarterly Activity Reporting
Byrne/JAG Annual Income Worksheet
Byrne/JAG Annual Performance Measures
Victim Assistance Annual Activity Reporting
Arizona Deaths in Custody Reporting