Grants 101 Training

Module 1: Starting a Grant Proposal

The goal of this module is to provide an overview of the grant application process by defining what a grant is, identifying the grant lifecycle, and suggestions for producing a successful grant proposal.


Module 2: Writing a Grant Proposal-Part 1

The goal of this module is to prepare you to write a grant proposal by walking through each section from crafting the problem statement to defining an evaluation plan.


Module 3: Writing a Grant Proposal-Part 2

The goal of this module is to provide an overview of the budget and budget narrative. You will learn about each section of a budget, how to determine/estimate costs, and common weaknesses frequently reported when reviewing budgets.


Module 4: Developing Your Budget

The goal of this module is to lay out more detailed information on developing your budget such as how to gather information needed, estimating project costs, and preparing the budget narrative.


Module 5: Accepting and Setting Up my Grant

This module will give an understanding of how to accept and set up a grant once you have been notified that you have been selected to receive the grant. You will learn about grant agreements and how to complete required administrative tasks such as assigning the grant’s points of contact and completing the sub-awardee questionnaire.


Module 6: Reporting of Finances and Activity

The goal of this module is to explain financial and activity reports by describing what financial and activity reports are and how to prepare reports for submission.


Module 7: Grant Adjustments & Grant Closeout

This module will specify what a grant adjustment request is, what circumstances may require a grant adjustment request, and how to complete the grant closeout process.