Criminal Justice Systems Improvement
Information Sharing

To improve data accuracy, timeliness and overall system effectiveness, the ACJC Criminal Justice System Program continues to initiate and support the implementation of data sharing initiatives. These implementations are built using technical standards such as Web Services Architecture and justice-specific standards such as the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) and the development of recommended documentation practices such as the Global Service Specification Package (SSP).


Architectural Models

A number of legacy and emerging Architectural Models have been developed including the Service Oriented Model and Message Oriented Model. The Service Oriented Model provides capabilities that are typically triggered based on some workflow or business event (i.e., a defendant being arrested or a case being adjudicated) when a NIEM formatted message is transmitted from a service provider to one or many service consumers. The Message Oriented Model involves smaller units of data that typically contain only the information that was added or updated in response to a technical event such as a database table being updated.