Criminal Justice System Improvements
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Conditions with Consequences: An Arizona Statewide Needs Assessment04/17/2017Open
Mental Health Indicator to Law Enforcement Bulletin07/11/2016Open
ACJC Data Brief: Two-Fingerprint Identification Process in Arizona Courts Pilot Project10/01/2015Open
Mobile Fingerprinting Pilot Project Final Report09/04/2015Open
Arizona Criminal Records Infrastructure Improvement05/30/2014Open
Arizona National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) Records Improvement Plan 04/01/2013Open
Arizona Records Improvement and Information Sharing Strategy (AZ Strategy) 2012-201707/31/2012Open
Records and Information Sharing Plan 201104/04/2011Open
Mandatory Fingerprint Process FlowChart09/03/2010Open
Mandatory Fingerprint Compliance Template09/03/2010Open