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FirstNet is America’s first nationwide wireless broadband network dedicated exclusively to public safety. Public safety fought for this network and the First Responder Network Authority team partnered with first responders to deploy a network that meets their needs. Join Dave Buchanan, host of the “Public Safety First” podcast, to discuss the future of emergency communications and FirstNet, and to hear from first responders about how FirstNet is impacting every-day and emergency operations through improvements to coverage, capacity, applications, devices, and security... Subscribe on iTunes, SoundCloud, and YouTube

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A first responder stands next to an emergency vehicle

Sacred Cross EMS provides EMS and emergency and non-emergency ambulance transport services across North and West Texas. Many of the areas that the company services are rural, and cellular coverage is traditionally sparse. With the help of FirstNet, Sacred Cross is able to communicate among crews, with hospitals, and with dispatch provide better patient care in these remote areas during everyday incidents and planned events.