Public Safety First Podcast

FirstNet is America’s first nationwide wireless broadband network dedicated exclusively to public safety. Public safety fought for this network and the First Responder Network Authority team partnered with first responders to deploy a network that meets their needs. Join Dave Buchanan, host of the “Public Safety First” podcast, to discuss the future of emergency communications and FirstNet, and to hear from first responders about how FirstNet is impacting every-day and emergency operations through improvements to coverage, capacity, applications, devices, and security... Subscribe on iTunes, SoundCloud, and YouTube

Latest Episode

FirstNet Authority CEO Edward Parkinson stands in front of American flag; Public Safety First podcast icon; “100 days as CEO; Ed Parkinson on the FirstNet Authority’s past, present, and future”

Edward Parkinson was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the FirstNet Authority on March 12, 2020. One hundred days into the job, he reflects back on the creation of the FirstNet Authority and how far the organization has come, including recent investments that will prepare the network for the future.